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Since 2003, we have been making a real and lasting difference to the more than 5,000 clients who have completed our program. Today, we are dedicated to helping you improve your or your loved ones’ mental health and quality of life.



What makes Palladium Private different?


Evidence Based Program
Our BioPsychoSocial approach considers biological, psychological, and social factors and their complex interactions in understanding mental health issues. We use a range of evidence based therapies selected to treat the “whole person” and target the root cause of the “thinking” behind a condition and/or behaviour.

The Retreat Factor
Our natural Sunshine Coast hinterland environment, established over 15 years, is tranquil, nurturing and peaceful. We believe that if the body is relaxed and de-stressed the mind with follow suit and therapy will be more effective.

Team of Qualified Professionals
Our AHPRA registered Psychologists deliver ALL one-on-one psychotherapy sessions (three 90 minute private sessions per week), communication groups and personal development workshops. Our experienced team of caring professionals are Palladium Private’s biggest asset. They have been selected for their passion and expertise in the holistic approach to mental heath and addictive behaviours.

Therapeutic Environment
We believe that selecting the right number and type of clients attending our program is an important factor in creating a positive therapeutic environment. Our admissions screening process reviews medical and psychological history, as well as other factors, to select clients that are suited to a non-clinical, supportive environment. There are no more than 15 clients selected to attend our program at any one time. We do not take any fees until our screening process is complete.

Post-residential Aftercare
Our Psychologists will continue with necessary psychotherapy sessions post program via telephone/Skype (4 hours included). To assist in making new thinking patterns permanent, we have created a podcast style talk series that is delivered direct to your inbox. The series will keep you accountable and offers consistent, valuable content that is gradually sent through over a 6 month period. Some of the podcast style talks are targeted at family and/or support people. These are designed to give the support person assistance, tools and an understanding in our BioPsychoSocial approach to mental health. All talks will cover how to support, as well as information on a particular topic. We also have a private on-line support group facilitated by a member of our team.



Here’s what some of our guests have said about their time with us:




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